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Presented by State Library Victoria

All We Can Do Is Wait

I recommend ‘All you can do is wait’ because it’s storyline is really in-depth and descriptive. The characters bring you along on their journeys and you can feel every emotion throughout the book.



thanks! sounds great im very interested in reading this, i like the sound of the depth storyline. Some books ive read recently have been lacking in depth and description. i would love to read a book with more of that. i cant wait to read about the characters and learn about their emotions as i read it. I bet they are very interesting and likable. Thank you so much for writing this review, its really kind of you to help out a fellow bookworm!! We need more people like you in this world.

22nd Jul, 19

Merci beaucoup sweet pea. I cherish your true love for books. Your a super trooper! Sending thank you's and love from my beating heart. Follow me for more, Fly high fellow book worm! So long sucker (only joking, no hard feelings)

22nd Jul, 19